Eitan Haik | UCLA ​Neuroscience

VP & Co-founder, The Xperiment

As Founder and director of stavsky tutoring, aryeh is committed to elevating the private tutoring experience to new heights TO ENSURE  EVERY STUDENT REACHES HIS OR HER potential.  in 2007, aryeh began offering private lessons to a handful of students in his hometown of teaneck, nj and has since earned a reputation as the Authority on SAT and ACT test prep.  He HAS personally COACHED OVER 100 STUDENTS for the math sections of the SATs and ACTs, helping multiple students achieve a perfect score.

Aryeh currently serves as the Team's Program Director, designing and overseeing the training program for each student.
Eitan is our SAT and ACT English aficionado  armed with  powerful techniques for mastering the reading and language sections. While he has extensive experience tutoring a variety of subjects including math, chemistry, and physics,  he finds the English sections particularly rewarding and currently focuses most of his energy on helping students excel in these tricky sections.

EITAN'S other INTERESTS INCLUDE PLAYING THE GUITAR, SNOWBOARDING, and COMPUTER SCIENCE. He is also a recipient of the 2016 young humanitarian award for his work supporting science education in under-resourced middle schools.

Daniel Haiem | UCLA Nueroscience

Director, The Xperiment

Aryeh Stavsky | Yeshiva University

Program Director 

Daniel is a veteran tutor with over 10 years of PRIVATE INSTRUCTION under his belt. He currently specializes in SAT and ACT prep but has taught a wide range of subjects in the past. His passion for teaching and engaging lesson style makes Daniel an invaluable member of our tutoring team.

When Daniel is not training students for the SATs, he runs a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting scientific curiosity and enhancing science education. You can find out more about Daniel's work here.

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